Cakes with Spirit!

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StormCakes creates Cakes With Spirit that are handcrafted with lots of love and plenty of spirits!

Our Cakes With Spirit are traditional bundt-style cakes, 9 inches in diameter.



We feature 3 fabulous flavors!

The TROPICAL STORM:  This is a traditional style rum cake baked with lots of love and spirits.  It is infused with the tantalizing flavor of Brugal Rum, a molasses based Dominican Dark rum.  The Tropical Storm rum cake is rich, moist and sweet.  The glaze is a heavenly combination of Brugal, butter and sugar.  The cake is topped with a generous amount of chopped walnuts.  This incredible cake is our most popular cake by far!

The CALIFORNIA MUDSLIDE:  This deep, dark masterpiece is handcrafted by StormCakes using genuine Kahlua Coffee Liquor.  The cake is an authentic devil's food chocolate - rich, moist and decandently infused with the smooth flavor of Kahlua.  The glaze is a homespun delight which combines butter, Kahlua, confectioner's sugar and cocoa.  The ingeniously blended flavors of chocolate, coffee Kahlua and butter, with a hint of vanilla, meld to delight the senses!

el NINO:  This cake is a delightfully light symphony of flavor in which StormCakes cleverly combines the sensual taste of Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila with real lemon in a traditional white cake.  This unique combination results in a breathtaking dance for the tastebuds.  The glaze is crafted with lemon, tequila, butter and confectioner's sugar. Slivered almonds may be added at your request.  This delightful cake is sweet, yet carries a nip of the spirit with it! 

StormCakes is pleased to offer favors!  Contact us for a quotation for your next event.  Favor-sized StormCakes are everyone's favorite wedding or shower favor!