Cakes with Spirit!


StormCakes make great gifts for every occasion!  Bring one for the holiday party this year!




StormCakes creates his Spirited Confections with lots of Affection!

StormCakes is the dream child of Stephen Weathers.

*aka Stormy Weathers*

Stephen is a chef by trade but loves to dabble in the art of baked goods and pastries, not to mention spirits! 

His idea for Cakes with Spirit came directly from his mother, Joan Weathers, who was a tremendous baker of exceptional skill and inexhaustable spirit.  He has decided to share this passion and spirit - thus the birth of StormCakes!

Mary Weathers nicknamed the affectionate confections "StormCakes."  Mary takes care of our customers, handles the delivery schedule, bookkeeping and anything else that might need doing. 

StormCakes is located in Attleboro, MA.  This small city lies about 30 miles south of Boston, MA and a few miles north of Providence, RI.

We offer free delivery within a 10 mile radius of Attleboro, MA.  But we are nice people who often make exceptions, so drop us a line or give us a ring to see if we can deliver to you!

And StormCakes now ships the full size cakes, so even if you live far away, you can eat cake, too!

Original StormCakes artwork by Derek Tabor of Pawtucket, RI