Cakes with Spirit!

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                   Frequently Asked Questions

How large are StormCakes?  Stormcakes are 9" cakes made in a traditional bundt style.


How many people will my StormCake serve?  Your StormCake will serve only 1 if you don't like to share.  Your StormCake will also easily serve 8 - 12 people if you want to share!


After I place my order, when will my StormCake ship?  All of our StormCakes are made fresh upon receipt of your order.  Unless there is an extreme circumstance, your StormCake will ship within 2 days.  Please let us know if you have an urgent need for a StormCake!  We will do our best to accomodate.


How will my StormCake be shipped?  Each cake is individually packaged and shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail.  Your StormCake will arrive fresh, not frozen, ready for your immediate enjoyment!


Do StormCakes contain alcohol?  The alcohol is added to the glaze while cooking and it evaporates.  Some magic elixir is also infused into the cake while it cools.  However, we are not scientists and cannot guarantee that all of the alcohol is evaporated during the cooking process.  These cakes, with all of their spirited delights, are not guaranteed to be alcohol free!



I'm allergic to nuts.  Should I eat a StormCake?  No, no way, no how.  Even if we bake the cake without nuts, and we will do that if you want, these cakes are baked in a facility that uses tree nuts. NOT eat a StormCake if you are allergic to nuts.  Please see our Allergen Info page for more information. 


Can I freeze my StormCake?  Yes!  Please wrap your StormCake carefully in plastic wrap (double wrap is preferred).  Make sure that no air is trapped inside.  Your frozen StormCake will still taste fresh up to 6 months if properly wrapped and frozen.